by | Oct 30, 2023 | Ability News, Disability Community, Food

Fun fact: the average Australian eats twice their daily recommended salt intake – without ever having to reach for the salt shaker.

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Products that you don’t necessarily think of as having a high salt content, such as meat pies, ready-made beef ravioli, and two-minute noodles are pre-loaded with salt, to make them subtly more appealing. 

The Grattan Institute says this is killing us, with more than 2,500 people dying from salt-related illnesses each year. This issue is particularly relevant for people with disability who, on average, consume large amounts of processed food. 

The Institute says the problem is processed foods – everything from frozen pizzas down to the simple ham sandwich – often come packed with salt that the diner doesn’t know about. Grattan’s calling on the government to make the voluntary code urging companies to reduce their use of salt compulsory. 

Companies would even be able to save money by not having to add all that extra salt. 

How could they possibly object to that . . .