Ripples in the ACT 

by | Oct 4, 2023 | Ability News, Canberra, Disability Community

The ACT’s Disability Minister Emma Davidson noted that the Royal Commission would never have begun without the urging and advocacy of People with Disability themselves.

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Welcoming the release of the final report, Davidson pointed out that it was “people with disability who advocated for the Royal Commission”.  

“Witnesses shared harrowing experiences that should have absolutely no place in our community”, Davidson added. “I agree with the Report’s findings that all parts of our society must do more to prevent these things from happening to people with disability ever again.” 

Perhaps most importantly the Minister has insisted that the Final Report is not the end of the journey in the ACT. 

“Following extensive consultation with the disability community I look forward to the release of the ACT Disability Strategy.” 

The Minister noted that she hoped this would “provide a strong foundation on which to build better equality, access, opportunity and inclusion as we develop our response to the Royal Commission Report”.

Voices of people with disability report cover

The Royal Commission made sure to privilege the lived experience of People with Disability in Volume One of the Final Report (image courtesy Royal Commission)