Adopt a disability fundraiser, not a good idea

by | Sep 12, 2023 | Ableism, Disability Community, Disability Sector, Education, External News

An elite Perth girls school has rapidly scrapped a bizarre plan to raise money for a disability organisation by getting teachers to adopt a disability for a day.  

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Plans for the day were well advanced until they became public and concerned people demanded the school drop its plan. Even during an interview with 6PR radio host Oliver Peterson the recently appointed school principal didn’t appear to realise how insensitive the scheme actually was. 

“It’s only fair to say we only did it with the best of intentions”

MLC Principal Rebecca Clarke 

The school has played a positive role as a supporter of Nulsen Disability Services, an organisation that’s offered accommodation and other supports in Western Australia for more than 70 years. 

But the rapid outcry that erupted as soon as the idea was announced emphasised the size of the comprehension gap that still exists within the able community. 

The schools treatment of people with disability has been compared with the insensitivity of ‘black-face’. 

“You wouldn’t wear boot-polish today and pretend to be somebody from Africa”, an observer commented. “Nor should people pretend to have a disability. The idea is completely insensitive.”

Radio story: