ABC News: NDIS review with Bruce Bonyhady

by | Sep 8, 2023 | External News, NDIS

Bruce Bonahady says dramatic changes are needed if the NDIS is to remain sustainable. These are likely to include a return to greater use of combined services rather than individualised packages, as at the moment.

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In his first interview before the release of the review into the NDIS, co-chair Bruce Bonyhady has given some very strong hints about the coming changes to the program. 

Bonahady told the ABC’s Laura Tingle that more work needs to be done in group settings, rather than relying completely on individualised packages, as at the moment. He suggested that for some participants there would be a return to “the old home and community care system”. 

The Chair also suggested the states had sought to completely pull out of support provision, and insisted they needed to accept responsibility for providing a number of programs and services that were appropriate for groups, rather than single people. 

“The great challenge we now face is to finish the job” 

Bonyhady points out that a massive five percent of boys aged five to seven have individualised packages with the NDIS. He insisted that many such people might benefit more from participating in group settings, rather than their own plans. 

Although ‘fact dense’, the interview covered all the touch points where change is necessary and suggested that the Review involves broad conceptual alterations to the NDIS, rather than simply tinkering at the edges. 

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